100 proof Services

100 Proof provides end-to-end solutions for brand owners with:

  • Registrations, licenses and clearances: to import and distribute imported beverages legally.
  • Sales planning and forecasting: basis market analysis, category understanding and competition suggesting long term and short term plans.
  • Distribution network: selection and appointing distributors basis their strengths, competence, network and their willingness to support and push the brand.
  • Sales: servicing teams working with the distributor to generate orders and perform B2B functions enabling the success of the brands.
  • Marketing and promotion/Demand creation: acting as marketer, adapting and executing global brand strategy in India. Working with various external agencies handling advertising, campaigns, events, promotions, channel marketing, media relations and digital marketing.

Contact Us

Registered office address : 100 Proof Private Limited
95 Raja Garden
New Delhi - 110015
Office address : 100 Proof Private Limited
Social 9A & 12
Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi - 110016


If you wish to work with us kindly write to us at hr@100proof.in