About 100 proof


To be the preferred choice for global beverage brands in India as a prominent stakeholder in the Indian beverage trade providing quality products to the Indian consumer.


To create a world class ecosystem to import, market and nurture international brands in India.


Result driven performance, transparency, operational excellence, value creation for all stakeholders, commitment and responsibility towards partners and customers are part of the value system of the company.

Global brands exist as a result of the commitment to quality from the men and women responsible for their production. We share with our partners the same level of commitment in introducing both the product and the culture.

Contact Us

Registered office address : 100 Proof Private Limited
95 Raja Garden
New Delhi - 110015
Office address : 100 Proof Private Limited
Social 9A & 12
Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi - 110016


If you wish to work with us kindly write to us at hr@100proof.in