Liquid culture

Liquid culture is primarily determined by values, perceptions and lifestyle.

Introduction of a new liquid be it wine, scotch, tequila or liqueur brings with it a culture, a history, a tradition, a know-how and a story that needs to be told. So how do you successfully take the next step? How do you make a connection between your products and markets? Or successfully penetrate a different culture or an unfamiliar lifestyle? How do you stimulate and engage the audience, the influencers, the distribution networks, and the media? How do you create demand and fulfil it?

Our approach is to take full advantage of all the social-cultural elements to connect with the Indian marketplace, embracing its way of life as it evolves, and creating brand worth. Our commitment is based upon a unique knowledge of the connections between beverage brands, cultures, perceptions, and lifestyles.

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Office address : 100 Proof Private Limited
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